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The Best Museums In San Francisco


It has been stated by reputed and popular sites like that San Francisco has a number of world class museums that deserve to be visited. There is no doubt about the truth and exactness of this statement. There is no doubt about the fact that you will be able to read a number of informative articles about these museums in San Francisco on sites like If you are a lover of fine arts then there is a very good chance that the museums in SF will be able to hold your interest for a long period of time.

De Young Museum is one of the most famous and reputed fine arts museums in SF. Please make sure that you visit this museum at least once. There are a number of paintings made by some of the greatest painters of all time that are on display in this museum. You will be very surprised to find out that the De Young Museum has a huge collection of paintings by South American artists and painters. It is very rare to find such great works by South American artists. The sheer history associated with this museum will be able to amaze you.

The Asian Art Museum is also one of the most well-known museums in SF. There is no doubt about the fact that this museum deserves at least a day long visit from anyone and everyone who calls himself a lover of fine arts. You will be surprised to know that there are very few museums in Europe and America that can match up to the Asian Art Museum in terms of collection of Asian works. There are some people who might even go on to say that the Asian Art Museum in SF has the best collection of Asian art works in the USA.

The other thing that you will need to keep in mind is that SF has museums that will arouse the interest of not only fine art lovers but also of children and young adults. The Exploratorium is a very good example of a museum that will be able to provide your kids with a great deal of fun and joy when they visit it. This museum is situated in the Marina District. So, the location of the museum is almost perfect as well. Please make sure that you take your kids on a tour of this museum when you are in San Francisco.

The California Academy of Sciences will also be an ideal place to take your kids. The fact is that this museum will serve the dual purpose of being an aquarium for your kids. If you are of the opinion that your kids would prefer to watch even more animals then you can take them to the San Francisco Zoo. You will need to keep in mind that the collection of animals at the SF Zoo is one of the very best in the USA. If you are a fan of Walt Disney then you must visit the Walt Disney in order to keep yourself entertained.

Fore! Play Golf For Health!

golf-headline-image-600x300Are you tired of being a couch potato, forever stuck within the four walls of your home and office?

Today, a lot of people are on the lookout for sports and games that give the player an immense sense of satisfaction at the end of the day. And, the sport called Golf is one of the best recreational sports that are around. The internet has many websites that are maintained by these clubs. For instance, offers an in-depth look into the various amazing facilities that are available for members of Beacon Hall. If you are interested in trying golf, give a call to a golf club closest to your current location., a renowned website that regularly publishes articles that specifically cater to the needs of golf enthusiasts worldwide came out with articles that proved beyond reasonable doubt about the various health benefits that are linked to the sport of Golf. Many people are interested in Golf, as it has become more accessible to the masses and the clubs are no longer the haven of the filthy rich and powerful.

Why Golf?
Are you looking for ways to exercise, but at a pace that is slow and non-injurious to the health of your muscles and bones?
Would you like to take a long walk, through lush green open spaces, breathing in the fresh air as you do so?
What if you were told that there is a sport that gives you all this and more? You would take the chance to try it out the moment it was revealed to you, right?

Golf is one such sport! The best part of the game is that you can either play it alone, to avail some quality me time, or play it with all your buddies as part of a day devoted to friends.

Golf looks too easy. Is there really health benefits associated with this game?
Many people get fooled by the look of ease that golfers exude while playing the game. Even professional golfers look unfazed after a long day at the tournament. But make no mistake; this game can burn those unhealthy calories you need to get rid of. And, it does it without causing any unwanted wear and tear to the muscles in your body.

Golf is also considerably risk-free. Unless you are an elderly person prone to fractures, the chances of getting a serious injury during the game are next to negligible. The only potential risk is the chance of getting dehydrated or getting a sun-stoke. For the former, always carry a bottle of water with you while playing the game. For the latter, either you should avoid scheduling your game on extremely hot and sunny days or try wearing loose clothing and a cap while playing.

Golf promotes a healthy sense of competition. This is very good to maintain a good level of mental health. Playing with friends will also be a positive boost to the emotional well-being of the person who takes up Golf regularly.

The Main Places To Visit In Hilton Head Island

coversabahjun15Hilton Head Island has plenty of attractions for you. This beautiful island has around 12 miles of beaches. Among several beaches, Islanders Beach parks and Driessen Beach are the wonderful options for families since they include picnic shelters and playgrounds in which your kids will have fun.

You have numerous options to pick oceanfront houses in Colleton River plantation. It is located in Bluffton, South Carolina. You must hire a good real estate agent to buy gorgeous homes with a waterfront view. Whether you are looking homes for rent or purchase Colleton River is the best place.

Have you decided to buy coastal homes? Then Hilton Head Island is the best place to purchase your dream homes. You can check the site to aware of the different real estate companies in Bluffton, few minutes’ drive from Hilton Head. It is a beautiful little town in South Carolina.

Hilton Head Island is the right place to connect with nature. In any of the Hilton Head Beaches, you can see the sea-turtle nests, ocean critters, and also dolphins. Don’t forget to visit the wooden boardwalk in Driessen Beach since it has sand dunes and tidal marsh and also home for several creatures.

Whether you are visiting the island for the first time, or the fourth time, you must plan to visit the lighthouse situated in the Harbor area. You will have to climb 114 steps to reach the lighthouse’s top, and from there you can see the beautiful oceanic view of the island surrounded by natural environment.

If you bring your children to the island, then you can include “The Sandbox” in your traveling plans. It is a kid’s museum with a pretend bank, plane, supermarket café and many other things which the children below six years will definitely find attractive. For babies under the age of one, there is no admission fee for entering the museum.

If you have school-going children, then you plan to visit the Coastal Discovery Museum. It has different species of butterflies and provides scavenger costumes, hunts, etc. This museum has many other valuable places to visit like nature trail, educational exhibitions, historic buildings and native gardens. Children will definitely have fun at trials, gardens, and live oaks. You can verify the event calendar of the museum in online to find out the scheduled events in the museum and plan your trip accordingly.

In many places of Hilton Head Island, you can see many shops, resorts that provide unforgettable kayaking experience. The common kayaking model on this island is a dolphin sitting model. The “Harbor Town Grill” is the best restaurant for dinner. You can find different types of items in their menu. On the kid’s dinner menu, they offer you anything from pizza to grilled salmon.

Just remain there on the island and join the sing-alongs conducted in the evening time by Gregg Russell. Gregg teaches you many silly songs in which each member in the crowd enjoys the night time. Another interesting thing is that the children get to sing the song to their own tune. Thus the night time in this island ends beautifully with sweet melodies.

Best Reasons To Visit Costa Rica


Costa Rica is a small Central American country and it has high potential for vacation trips. It is one of the most biologically diverse countries on the Earth, where you can explore wildlife, volcanoes, beaches and rainforests. It is popular for its flourishing jungles and the wonderful waves, best for surfing. The top reasons to visit this country are explained below.

There are many Real estate firms available in Costa Rica. When shopping for homes in Costa Rica, you must be very careful and do intense research online. You can begin your search using the keywords Costa Rica luxury real estate and check the reviews about the company before making a final selection. If you are looking for Costa Rica luxury real estate, then visit the webpage of Sir Costa Rica to find great properties.

Those who need a break from work or don’t like adventurous holidays, can visit Costa Rica beaches. There are nearly 1000 miles of coastline with lovely beaches. You can either select a public beach at Manuel Antonio National Park or a private beach in your hotel or rent a house. You will be happy while walking on the sand and feeling the warm sunshine on your face. If you like to experience more sunlight, then you should avoid visiting the country during the rainy season.

The surfing options of Costa Rica is yet another great reason to visit this country. Costa Rica is one of the top three famous destinations for surfing in the world. There will be warm water throughout the year and you can see wonderful waves at any time all year round.

Sloths are unique mammals that are both cute and repulsive at the same time. You can find it everywhere in this country. You can see it while hiking in the forests or they can be seen on trees when you are driving on Costa Rican roads. If you want to see it up close, just visit the Sloth Sanctuary and get to know more about this mammal.

The food in Costa Rica has its own unique taste. The important staple diet of the people in Costa Rica is beans and rice. Most of the main dishes utilize a sauce called Lizano Salsa and you will love it once you taste it. Many people love this and you can even buy it at the airport. Coffee, banana and chocolates are largely grown in Costa Rica. If you can visit Quepos, then you can tour Villa Vanilla farms to learn how they create chocolate, vanilla, cinnamon, pepper and so on.

Costa Rica is also popular for its rainforests. Around 25% of Costa Rica is made up of rainforests and national parks, with 5% of biodiversity. In addition to visiting zip-lining tours and canopy you can also go for an aerial tram ride through the treetops in the rainforest along with a naturalist expert. It is the best option if you are less-adventurous.

Volcanoes are also an important tourist attraction in this country. Costa Rica is home to five active volcanoes and more than 200 volcanic formations. Because of the volcanoes, this country has a fertile and rich soil. The volcanoes and the nearby places are famous for camping, mountain biking and hiking.

If you are an adventure lover and is crazy for adventure then Costa Rica is the right option for you. You can explore the jungles, go scuba diving, kayaking, and skydiving etc.

If you are thinking to do something special on Father’s day, you need to indulge your dad in a wonderful session as his son/daughter. It is an excellent option if you father is a golf player. Most people will be thinking to gift experience gifts to their father on father’s day. Well, you can gift a golf workout session or something creative that makes your day enjoy throughout.

Do you want to get fresh gifting ideas? Check out to get best experience gifting ideas. Gifting is an excellent thing in life. You can enjoy utmost happiness and satisfaction when you receive or send gifts. The happiness will be equal for the receiver and giver. This father’s day make your dad by gifting him a perfect golf workout session. He would feel happy and proud of you.

Pilates is an excellent performance you can start with your dad. It is perfect especially before golfing. It builds control and power in the hips. When you can balance your hips in an excellent manner, you can achieve accurate and stronger swing. The golf workout sequence is best for passionate players. No matter you are 45 or 5 years old, you will enjoy the session completely.

Double leg pull:
You have to lie resting on your back. Bend your knees till the chest. Hold your ankles down. You have to move your head and try to touch the knees. During this step, you need to exhale. As you stretch your legs and arms, you need to exhale. If you have less time before playing golf, you need to consider this exercise. This exercise will tone and strengthen your core muscles. It allows you to control and stretch spine. It works excellent for weight transfer.

It is the most fun sharing exercise. You have to lie like you are swimming. You need to lie on stomach. Stretch your arms forward and lift the chest. Now, you will be able to see horizon. Ensure to keep your leg straight. You need to inhale when you stretch right arm. Pull your left leg away from the mat as you stretch right arm. While you do other set, you need to exhale. You can repeat this exercise till you reach the count 20. This exercise will help to keep your body balanced and steady. It helps in building your muscles. It results to more practical power.

There are several benefits of doing work out before golfing. Pilates is a recommended workout. It is right for aging population. Traditional workouts and jogging would stress your joints. If you are looking for a full body workout and at the same time with less wear and tear, Pilates is an excellent option.

Some basic Pilates include resistance training, lengthening for healthier posture and stretching. Though it is gentle, it offers same results as you get in high impact exercises. You can do in several ways to get best results. As you stretch yourself, you will feel the burn. Muscles and joints become more pliable as you practice.

Hilton Head Island – A Historical pursuit

6a00d83451876969e20120a59cc25e970b-piHilton Head Island was legally incorporated as a town in 1983, with a year-round population of 35000 and environmentally friendly design. It was discovered by William Hilton 300years ago and remains the same to this day. Hilton Head Island’s remains the natural beauty and spectacular seascapes, exceptional flora-fauna and South Carolina’s historical sites have captivated centuries of travelers —with Native Americans being a part of it. Now is the time for you to reach out to the unseen shore on Hilton Head Island. For more details check for Hilton head island real estate.

The Huguenots South Carolina’s major cultural heritage comprises of Hilton Head Island historical sites. William Hilton the English sea captain William Hilton in 1663 sighted Hilton Head Island and successful first plantations were done, as an outcome. Hilton wrote about his expedition in his journal, started by a group of Barbados planters to explore the new land on which new food crops can be grown. In 1521 Spanish were the first confirmed Europeans to step into this island, a century before Hilton set his foot.

HHI also became home to French Huguenot colonists who fled their Catholic homeland to avoid persecution in the early 1560s. The French put the island on the map as Island of the Broad River-“Ile de la Rivière Grande”. They also christened Port Royale Harbour, known now as Port Royal Sound and later moved to safer land know called as Beaufort, South Carolina. Church steeple Earliest Inhabitants Spanish speaking Yamassee tribe Indians were encountered when William Hilton reached low country in 1663, migrated from Florida 100 years back.

Native Escamacus Indians were also encountered by him. Limited information is available of the 4000 years earlier native civilization that inhabited the island. On the island, you can see mysterious remains of shell rings of measurements 240 feet across and 9 feet high. Similar to the rocks of Stonehenge and the carvings of Easter Island, their mystery also remains unsolved. These artifacts of the history can be visited today in the Hilton Head Island on the north end of the Island at Green Shell Park and at Sea Pines Forest Preserve.

In 1698 John Bayley granted the Low country islands by the English king and named as Bayley’s Barony, Trench’s Island was the name given to HHI as an honor to Alexander Trench who was the collector and the agent of Bayley’s property. In 1717 John Barnwell after receiving a grant 1,000-acre property became the first English settler in Hilton Head Island where Plantation is located at present. But the recognition for HHI came in 1790 when William Elliott, a planter finally raised a successful first crop of long-staple Sea Island cotton and then in 1860, more plantations were in cultivation on Hilton Head Island.

The main crop was cotton, sugar cane, rice. The patrician and lavish lifestyle of the plantation owners came to an end due to the Civil War and the abolition of slavery. Subsequently, the freed slaves tried to grow Sea Island cotton in Mitchellville This lead to Hilton Head Island slipping t into obscurity and isolation for over 90 years.

San Francisco Vacation Treats

san-franciscoSan Francisco can turn out to be an awesome tourist destination. If you are there for the first time, it is important to select the right season to make the visit memorable. San Francisco is warm throughout the year, but sometimes it can turn out to be foggy. You may also experience heat wave when the temperature is over 80 degrees F. The world is cold 365 days in the year. The showers are expected during the winters and very rarely during other times in the year. Between April to October, you can experience clear skies with moderate temperatures. Before leaving for a holiday to San Francisco, it is best to check the weather reports.

During the summers, the place is flooded with tourists. Winter is the least attractive, and the tourists are less. Of course, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year are the pleasant time to hang around. Spring and fall also are a welcome season for tourists. If you want to save on the hotel, check in during winters. Annual events are a great time to visit. Check out the Annual Event Guide if you want to attend the events. If you want to stay away from the crowd, then it is best to book travel when the events are not happening.

San Francisco has a host of tourist destinations to keep you busy. We may need a few weeks to cover all the places listed in the sightseeing menu of a travel agency. The best stay package would be a 4 or 5-night stay. With so much to see, you may have to prioritize your sightseeing schedule. Websites like can help you chalk out your tour itinerary. They also offer gift travel packages, in case you want to gift a holiday for your loved ones.

Travel guides are the best way to organize your trip. For a one day visit try the cable car, Chinatown, Union Square, Fisherman’s Wharf, Lombard Street and Little Italy. If you are staying for the weekend, then check out the bay cruise, Crissy Field, Golden Gate Park and tour the city in 49 Mile Drive. For 3 to 4 days stay you can choose the San Francisco day trip. Visit the Museum, Alcatraz, go on a walking tour and check out the neighborhoods. For a 5 to 6 day tour, you can spend time watching the people on the North Beach sitting at the sidewalk café. You can walk down the street for lunch, take a nap and find a spot at the Golden Park to relax. A visit to the Angel Island, ferry ride to Sausalito and train to South to Palo Alto would be great fun.

Travel to San Francisco has to be planned in advance. Many tourist guides can help you design your tour itinerary. Online could be the best place to design your travel plan. You can book hotels, air tickets and even prepare the list of sightseeing destinations with the help of travel websites.