Buckingham Properties Lake Tahoe

Buckingham Properties Lake Tahoe.The lake surrounding Buckingham Properties is Lake Tahoe which has an elevation of 6225ft above sea level. The lake is 12 miles wide, 22 miles long with 71 miles extended shoreline. This beautiful lake is shared by two US states namely California and Nevada. Lake Tahoe is known for offering homes during vacation seasons on both south and north shores. For any travel relates issues and assistance you can very well contact Buckingham Properties Lake Tahoe.

Unmatched beauty

The Lake Tahoe was formed as the result of the volcanic activity which was discovered in 1844 by John C Fremont. Earlier to this natural change, the lake and its surroundings served as a home for an Indian tribe and they termed this lake as the “big lake sky” for its clear and blue waters. The depth of the lake is around 989ft and reaches the deepest point at 1645 feet. However it is a tourist spot, but sill swimming is not recommended due to the water that remains cold all the time and also the danger issues related to the lake’s depth. The lake has 63 small streams flowing into it but still it doesn’t drain in to any oceans. The dense forest, clear air, and tranquility add to the beauty of the lake.

Best Holiday Weather

Due to its good weather conditions the lake is almost popular and surrounded by tourists very often. The lake enjoys sunny weather for around 250-300 days in summer and it receives 300 to 500 inches snow fall during winter. Multiple resorts are available to stay in and enjoy these weather conditions on a vacation.

You can reach the Tahoe lake destination through various mediums of transport. It includes, car, air, bus and train

By car- it takes 300 miles travel (many options are available that depend on the starting point).
By air – it is a 40 minute travel from the nearest airport.
By Bus – many bus services operate to various ski resorts. A few to mention are Bay Area Ski Bus, NAC ski etc.
By Train – Lake Tahoe could be reached by train along the Amtrak California Zephyr route.

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