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Best Reasons To Visit Costa Rica


Costa Rica is a small Central American country and it has high potential for vacation trips. It is one of the most biologically diverse countries on the Earth, where you can explore wildlife, volcanoes, beaches and rainforests. It is popular for its flourishing jungles and the wonderful waves, best for surfing. The top reasons to visit this country are explained below.

There are many Real estate firms available in Costa Rica. When shopping for homes in Costa Rica, you must be very careful and do intense research online. You can begin your search using the keywords Costa Rica luxury real estate and check the reviews about the company before making a final selection. If you are looking for Costa Rica luxury real estate, then visit the webpage of Sir Costa Rica to find great properties.

Those who need a break from work or don’t like adventurous holidays, can visit Costa Rica beaches. There are nearly 1000 miles of coastline with lovely beaches. You can either select a public beach at Manuel Antonio National Park or a private beach in your hotel or rent a house. You will be happy while walking on the sand and feeling the warm sunshine on your face. If you like to experience more sunlight, then you should avoid visiting the country during the rainy season.

The surfing options of Costa Rica is yet another great reason to visit this country. Costa Rica is one of the top three famous destinations for surfing in the world. There will be warm water throughout the year and you can see wonderful waves at any time all year round.

Sloths are unique mammals that are both cute and repulsive at the same time. You can find it everywhere in this country. You can see it while hiking in the forests or they can be seen on trees when you are driving on Costa Rican roads. If you want to see it up close, just visit the Sloth Sanctuary and get to know more about this mammal.

The food in Costa Rica has its own unique taste. The important staple diet of the people in Costa Rica is beans and rice. Most of the main dishes utilize a sauce called Lizano Salsa and you will love it once you taste it. Many people love this and you can even buy it at the airport. Coffee, banana and chocolates are largely grown in Costa Rica. If you can visit Quepos, then you can tour Villa Vanilla farms to learn how they create chocolate, vanilla, cinnamon, pepper and so on.

Costa Rica is also popular for its rainforests. Around 25% of Costa Rica is made up of rainforests and national parks, with 5% of biodiversity. In addition to visiting zip-lining tours and canopy you can also go for an aerial tram ride through the treetops in the rainforest along with a naturalist expert. It is the best option if you are less-adventurous.

Volcanoes are also an important tourist attraction in this country. Costa Rica is home to five active volcanoes and more than 200 volcanic formations. Because of the volcanoes, this country has a fertile and rich soil. The volcanoes and the nearby places are famous for camping, mountain biking and hiking.

If you are an adventure lover and is crazy for adventure then Costa Rica is the right option for you. You can explore the jungles, go scuba diving, kayaking, and skydiving etc.