Monthly Archive: September 2015

Keeping Up Appearances While Sailing!


Sailing girls, on the whole need to appear great… the sun as well as the sea could be quite ageing and we have to fix with no ready access to beauty salons, skincare products, and hairdresser.

We might spend plenty of our time on a voyage with salt encrusted hair and skin. But do we actually wish to be grottie yachties? While sailing, our objective is keeping up appearances.

When the weather’s not advantageous as well as the toe rail is in the water, it’s usually tempting to simply fling out our arms and take a couple of ‘greenies’ into our face and over our bodies and say… ‘That is it for my shower!’

I believed we needed to eliminate any guys on board while we were at a tranquil anchorage, and fly a flag for hair color, facials and waxing days with ‘Secret Women’s Business’ on it. It is not that we should go all ‘coast glam’ for most the ‘au natural’ suits the lifestyle and beauty afloat does bring forth the opinions… ‘ yeah!

Attractiveness Skin Deep!


Even sailing alone in regards to keeping up appearances while sailing and skin care this is what one girls sailor has to say, some standards must be kept. Kay Cottee was sponsored by Blackmore merchandises when she sailed alone none cease all over the world, and in her novel ‘First Lady’ she tells…

“I constantly strove to keep standards on board as high as possible… Was cautious about keeping personal hygiene up also, and every day or second day I had a salt water bath, occasionally warming up the water on the stove to take the chill off it. After my bath I ‘d lather myself in Blackmore’s apricot or avocado (with sunscreen) moisturizing lotion, put on some cologne and lipstick and fine, newly-laundered, salty clothing. A great boost to morale.”

Samantha Davis, solo yachtswomen who sails the yacht ‘Roxy’ and there is no better instance of attractiveness afloat… was inquired; “How do you have skin which resembles a Clarins advert when you do not sleep and your face gets ravaged by sun, salt and sea?”


Her response… “On one of my first Atlantic crossings, I got salt burns on my face from the salt water,” she grimaces. “I ended up with blisters, scabs and scars on my cheeks. So now every day I clean the salt away and moisturize with ultra-hydrating lotion!”

Some yachts are equipped with hot water and showers with lots of room to go; not mine. You’ll be able to improvise for those who own a yacht with no luxury of a shower.

I ‘ve two solar camping showers whom I fill with water, one with salt water for wash, and fresh for rinse; I tie them on the deck together with the black side up so the sun can heat the water, or boil some and add it to the chilly water so that it is warm. Hang them from Bimini, boom or a fixture and depending on business; if you are out at sea or in a busy bay much of the bod’ you naked. And of course there is always the handy bucket along with a sponge down, attractiveness afloat… no explanations!!